10 years of blogging. What have I learned?

I’ve been more or less “a blogger” for a very long time. My very first contact with a blogging platform was about 11 or 12 years ago. If I remember correctly it was Blogger, aka Blogspot, “one of the earliest dedicated blog-publishing tools” (according to Wikipediaacquired even back then by Google.

Nowadays there are many blogging and publishing platforms. Some better then others, but the main players are WordPress, Google, Medium and Tumblr. If you know any other big blogging platforms please let me know. I didn’t make any research before starting this article.

But we should get back to me.

10 years of blogging. What have I learned?

I am pretty sure none of you, or maybe very very very few of the people who are currently reading this article, knows who I am. And that’s cool. Because I am really no one. Just another John from East Europe that started a blog after another, lusting for success.

Have I accomplished that? No. Or not really. There was a time, between 2008 and 2011, when I really had the chance to become more popular in Romania. I was really trending on Twitter, I knew many bloggers and business people that actually used Twitter for it’s instant power and I was getting all sorts of invitations to different business events.

Also, I was in top 100 most followed Romanian Twitter users for a while. But that was before Romanian music stars decided to check Twitter out, and from that point everything kinda went to sh!t for many of us.

Sadly I didn’t took the chance. I was a scared little boy, taking the long way to become a less scared guy. But the long way was the better one. At least in my case. Do you wonder why? It’s quite simple. It gave me time to actually learn some things on the way and it gave me perspective.

I am a slow guy. And I don’t mean I am stupid or having any mental issues. I just don’t like to rush into things. I have an analytical personality, I am a thinker, and as you should know, thinkers are quite reserved. They like to get to the bottom or things and curiosity is one of our strongest traits.

Also, I am very talkative and I like to explain things. This is why you just read about 400 words of introduction before actually getting into the second part of this article.

What have I learned in 10 years of blogging?

Don’t just copy/paste information, try to be authentic. I know that writing original articles it’s hard and it’s pretty much impossible to come up with something that no one has thought before. It’s ok to research za Internet for ideas about what you should write. But you can at least try to be original while you write them. Be creative, find a new way to explain stuff, add personal notes and try not to become just another blogger.

Stay in front of the wave because things always change. That’s way you should always learn new stuff. In my case I had a lot to learn about SEO, Copywriting and also Copyrighting, eCommerce, Marketing & PR, how to approach brands and clients that I wanted to work with or for, how to optimize everything I put online, where to find free stock images, a bit of programming, how to pitch an idea and pretty much everything that I currently know.

Respect. You should respect the people that work their ass for the content they make. If you are going to use an idea from them, ask them before, or at least leave them some credits. It ain’t gonna cost you a dime to provide a link to the original idea, credits to a photography and stuff like that.

If you’re not planing to publish often, you should at least consider quality over quantity. This is a trait that most of us lack, both quality and quantity. For both you need time and involvement. If you’re going to publish an article just because you need to, it’s not really going to be good. Personally I am trying not to get involved in projects that I don’t really feel ready for or that doesn’t fully satisfy me.

There’s no recipe for success. I’ve seen many people starting blogs, with good ideas, with planing and with money. But they all lacked perseverance and vision on the long game. Most of them probably heard from a friend that blogging can bring you easy money and they fall for that. Without real work and continuance mostly probably you are going to fail. Like I did over and over with many projects.

And the list could go on, but I am pretty damn tired after a day at work and I need to cook some food, eat, shower and then sleep. I am very grateful if you really read the whole article and I would like to encourage you to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Probably I am not going to publish that often, but seeing subscribers count going up might motivate me.

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