My first unpleasant experience with a VPS provider

My first unpleasant experience with a VPS provider

In 2017 I was checking the market for a good VPS provider. I was testing already some local Romanian vendors but I wanted to check out the international vendors too. So I opened Google and searched for brands that I was already familiar with, the big ones, registered accounts where I didn’t had already and checked if they offer free trials.

I do not intend to mention the name of the brands, merely the fact that I find very disappointing how they managed the situation that I am writing about.

After registering accounts for every hosting provider that I’ve felt they are trustworthy and good enough for my needs I’ve stared testing some of them. I don’t recall if I did get chance to test the VPS provided from the “not mentioned brand” but I do remember that I’ve close any services that I might bought for every service provider that I registered, after I decided to stick with a Romanian vendor.

Well guess what? In January 2018 I’ve received an invoice for some services (a VPS) that I haven’t even bought from the “not mentioned brand”. Obviously I’ve logged into the account, changed the passwords and try to close those services. I’ve realized the services we’re shutdown and my account was already locked from buying and accessing any other features beside ticketing.

I’ve sent them a ticket where I mentioned the issues that I had and then waited for a fix. You can see how everything went in the photos below.

As you can see it took almost a month to confirm that the billing is stopped. Of course, after the ticket was forwarded to the billing team I haven’t got any reply. The tech team did their job partially, because my account was still locked and I couldn’t delete it. So I rage quit the entire case and let my account just like that since the billing problem was solved.

5 months later I got an email where I was informed that someone with a Brazilian IP has logged into my account. I have no idea how would that be possible since I’ve already changed my password, both for the account and my email (twice for email). I freaked out a bit, change my email password again, changed the account password and then sent another ticket.

I’ve informed them about the new issues and I requested them to DELETE my entire account and every data they have stored about me, except the billing details because they need that for accounting and bookkeeping. I am not a hard headed individual, I do get that some things need time to get fixed and sometimes the workflow in a company is hampered from different factors.

I am deeply disappointed how difficult they managed the entire situation and I believe they need to work a bit on that. I don’t know if they had any security issues, but If that is the case a security audit is mandatory.

Actually, a security audit is mandatory for every company, no matter the size or the business domain.

I am very curious how would they reply to this request and how long it will take them to comply. Yet again the hosting market proved me that by choosing to work with ClusterCS was a very good decision. I do not regret it and I am very sure I never will. They have the best support team I ever had the chance to work with, great services, good infrastructure and 24/7 support.

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