Stop pointing the finger and blaming

We as humans have flaws. Something in our core nature definitely makes us to point the finger at others, to blame them, to get rid of our problems by accusing others.  There’s nothing wrong pointing the finger when you are not guilty, but I don’t believe that’s the main road we should take when a moment like that strikes.

Personally, when I make a mistake, I would like for people to tell me. “Hey dude! You made a mistake here, here and there.” I don’t mind. It’s really helpful when people are telling you about what mistakes you made. This way we can fix them, learn form then and evolve.

You can’t make any progress if everything it’s perfect or people just lie to you so you don’t feel disappointed, disrespected or such. But there’s a thin line between showing people when they are wrong and point the finger like a hater.

photo credit: Brett Jordan Liability (lock) via photopin (license)

As you may know, I am currently living in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, a post communist country that could very well become like Liberia If a civil war is staring. This could happen because of the political climate, which is in a deep shit hole and things are not going to change very soon. The press is controlled by moguls with activities in politics and corrupt people doing all sorts businesses on government money.

We have no political parties that really understand how things should work. Even the newest one, those that should give us some hope, are making the same damn mistake over and over again. Pointing the finger and blaming the opposition for anything and everything. We’re all to blame sooner or later.

Are some to blame more than others? Absolutely! I am pretty sure there’s no country without corruption and the guilty part should be published by the proper authorities. But there’s a long road until we reach that point.

There’s no good in starting up your political platform by pointing fingers at others. What you should do instead is working on solutions to improve the economy, the quality of life, to create new jobs for youth and elders, free transport in big cities, better education and healthcare, better government interdepartmental communication and less “fingering”.

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