The most challenging things you have to deal with as a blogger

The most challenging things you have to deal with as a bloggerHello my fellow netizens. Today I’d like to talk about the most challenging things bloggers have to deal with.

I am pretty sure everyone knows what’s a blog and what’s a blogger, so we can get pass that and skip right into the needs of a blogger and what it actually takes to run a blog.

Some people believe that we, as bloggers, make money from the visits we get on our websites. I really have no idea how they came up with this thought because this is not how you should make money online.

And believe me, it’s not easy at all to make money from a blog, unless you are a celebrity and you can deliver tons of traffic and get paid from CPM/PPM campaigns, which would be quite irrelevant for the brands but I am going to talk about this topic another time.

For the rest of us, the less fortunate normal people, there’s a lot of work to be done before actually making money from blogging.

I’ve started this blog a few months ago in january 2018 and I have 0 subscribers, 0 shares over the social networks (not counting my own) and less than 10 visits per day so far. I am very successfully, right? I can’t go to a company and ask for money with this stats. I can’t deliver so I am worthless to them.

Even if I had the proper numbers it would still be quite a challenge to actually sign a contract that would pay enough. But this article is not about money, so let’s get back to the point.

Things you have to deal with as a blogger

1. Not getting traffic

There’s a common mistake most people do. I’ve seen many people starting blogs and then quitting in less that 3 months because of the poor results. They believed it’s enough to publish a text and leave it there, online, for anyone to access. If it was so easy everyone would do it. So the first thing is not about getting traffic but how we react on not getting it.

And why is this happening? Two reasons. Poor content quality and because they are not social enough.

Regarding content quality we could debate for hours, because this is a touchy subject and to be honest maybe 5% of the content that’s currently over the internet could be cataloged as Good. There’s poor content everywhere and we seem to like it so much that we spread it and multiply it day by day.

I have quite a few friends that I can truthfully say they are damn smart and they could build empires. Sadly all of them are lazy and very antisocial.

I could blame it on the society, like they do, but I am not that guy who points the finger at the wrong reason and pretend the problem doesn’t come from within. Because they are to blame for the shit they do or don’t. Not society, not others, not the damn government. I don’t think you should blame anyone else for your lack of desire to change your life.

2. Being afraid

Being afraid is somehow interlinked with the first thing. Because some people are afraid of failure, so afraid they won’t even try. Some try and then quit very fast because of the poor results.

I know it can be a little bit frustrating if your articles are indeed very good and you compare your work with some cheesy gossip blogs. The latter will always win because people read junk. Never compare your work with junk, even if your work is actually junk.

Use that precious time to learn! You need to learn how to optimize your content for better traffic and how to promote it over social media networks. Once you learn a thing or two, it will be much easier to promote your content and achieve better results.

Don’t forget: Stop being afraid of failure and don’t quit just because you’re not getting instant traffic. Unless you are famous and you have tons of followers, you need to work a bit for that.

3. Overspending or not spending at all

I’ve seen people pouring lots of money into websites before even having a long term strategy or even a short term plan of what they intent to do. I’ve tried to talk them into creating a plan before investing money, but didn’t really worked out because they went full head-on.

Of course their projects failed badly because you can’t start a business based on rumors. I am pretty sure you all know the story when someone tells you there’s money into a business, because they’ve heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who …. so it must be true.

If you are going to start a blog be sure you actually know what it takes to run a website, how much money you have to spend at the start and what’s the annual running cost. Don’t overspend on stuff that you don’t need. For example don’t buy a dedicated server for 100$ per month if you’re going to have less than 50-100k visits per day, because you don’t need it.

On the other hand don’t start a blog using free hosting or cheap hosting (unless you plan to use google services + a domain, but that’s another story) because the loading times will be very slow and the overall user experience will be really bad. You don’t want your users to close the website before even gets the chance to load.

Don’t worry about finding a good hosting provider. There are plenty out there!

Just in case you don’t know any, here’s a list:

  • WebLand + ClusterCS – This is my perfect combo and number one recommendation. All my websites are hosted on a VPS provided by WebLand (thank you very much!) and powered by ClusterCS server panel. Don’t take my word, test it yourself and tell me what you like or dislike about them.
  • If you are looking for a dedicated server with high performance hardware, generous bandwidth and total control, you should check out, it’s powered by SoftDreams, a Romanian web development company that’s also behind WebLand and ClusterCS, with clients from all around the world, mainly USA, UK and Australia.
  • Hostens – I am pretty sure you haven’t heard of them because the market is filled with advertising for bigger names like GoDaddy and Hostgator. They are a newer branch of Time4VPS, mainly specialized in web hosting. I haven’t used any shared hosting package from them but I did played for half a year with a VPS. I had a nice experience using it and it was very cheap.
  • GoDaddy – I can’t really recommend their services because I haven’t tested them enough but they have lots of happy customers.
  • 1and1 – ain’t very cheap but they are a big name in the hosting industry, with good infrastructure and pretty good services.
  • HostGator – I was unhappy with the performance of the shared server that I got, but I guess it was just bad luck in my case. I have a few friends that are very happy with HostGator as a hoster.

4. Finding time to write

I’ve started my first blog when I was in high-school. During that period I had lots of free time to write on my blog. I had so much time to write even 10 articles a day. It was junk, I can’t lie, but it helped me develop myself professionally, learn new skills and meet new people. Nowadays I don’t lack time to write, I just don’t prioritize it the same way I did a long time ago.

If you want to open a blog, specially if you are under 20, just do it! Write anything! It doesn’t matter if your articles are good or bad because they will not define what you will do in the next 10 years.

Also, there’s no such thing as “I don’t have time”. You don’t need to HAVE time, you need to MAKE time to write. You have to get better at planning your daily routine, to optimize the things you do, to better allocate how much time you dedicate for each activity and to make room for your blog. No one will come and manage your time and your tasks. You have to become self aware and do it.

5. Monetizing your blog

Monetizing your blog is indeed something you should care about, but in the first year or so you should keep your focus on other things that are much more important, like the content quality, being social, going to blogger events, product launch venues and such.

If you want to make money with/from your blog, do a good research about affiliate marketing and learn how that works. People hate banners, popups and any kind of ugly ads who invades a website. Never do that! It’s ugly and ad-block users don’t see them anyway.

Write with passion, test any product before you recommend it and use affiliate links. If your content is good, giving enough time and work, the money will follow.

I am sure in time you can negotiate more direct deals with different brands or agencies, but as I said, focus on content.

The article ends here not because I have nothing else to say but because I am anxious to publish and I lack the proper mindset to continue it. If you are a blogger or want to start a blog I hope my thoughts are helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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